Lifestyle Coaching

A bespoke health and wellbeing programme for a healthier, more vibrant you. Taking you from where you are to where you want to go.

Looking after our health and wellbeing has never been more important.

Today, the health services available to us are under such strain that our own health may no longer feel like a priority.

What’s worse, we may even feel guilty for seeking care and decide to put our health on the back-burner so that others can get the care they need. But what if there was another way? What if there was someone who took the time to listen and understand your challenges? Someone who could understand your unique situation and build a full picture of your health and wellbeing?

Whether you are struggling with an autoimmune disease or other chronic condition, whether you suffer fatigue or pain, poor sleep or struggle with weight issues; taking a whole person overview using a thorough methodology and being grounded in behavioral science with a positive psychology framework is key.

Uncover your health history

We’ll uncover the key events in your past which have contributed to your current state of wellbeing.

A full health assessment

We’ll assess your unique circumstances and establish your health and wellbeing goals.

Discover your capacity for healing

We’ll agree on a strategy to implement changes that will maximise your body’s amazing capacity to heal.

Discover a happier, healthier you.

Your bespoke programme will establish key areas of focus and develop a strategy for creating change towards a healthy and more vibrant outcome.
Option 1


A one-off telephone or video call session lasting 60 minutes which may help if you have a very specific question or query.
Option 2


A full assessment of your health via 90 minute telephone or video call. Includes pre-work based on relevant health questionnaires
Option 3

Support & Accountability

A series of follow-up sessions every two weeks for 3 or 6 months (according to need) that will last approximately 50-55 minutes.


How many sessions will I need?

A one-off session of 60 minutes may help if you have a very specific query, but long-standing chronic conditions usually require the support of a 3 or 6 month programme with a session every two weeks to maintain momentum towards change.

Will I need to undergo any tests?
Functional testing and interpretation are available, including microbiome and DNA analysis but this is entirely optional.
What kind of results can I expect?
You will start on a journey of health and wellbeing transformation. You will discover new ways of behaving and new ways to look at the world. You will find a different way of being and we will create a vision of what is possible and hold sight of that throughout, using blended lifestyle and life coaching principles, behavioral science and positive psychology.

What people say

“I have been grappling with rheumatoid arthritis and ADHD-brain and chose to work with Alison because of her understanding of both the medical side of my condition and her use of a coaching model, which is valuable and rare. Her coaching has helped me notice more about my body and my health habits.

I feel more self-aware and able to align with my inner values and I have new approaches and tools to work with. Alison is gentle, patient, kind, warm, respectful, knowledgeable, and focused. Considering coaching with Alison? Go for it!”


Are you ready to take the first step?


Dr Alison Sabine has worked in the NHS for more than 30 years. She is a Consultant Rheumatologist but her experience as a patient and as the parent of a patient has radically changed her view of the way we practice conventional medicine. She fears Doctors have become symptom managers and believes that instead they should be going upstream to find the root cause of people’s ill health. She became interested in how lifestyle change impacts our health and wellbeing and has trained as a Health Coach, Nordic Walking and Fitness Instructor and is now a Women’s Certified Coach and Trainer with One of Many™, recognising the importance of the mind body connection and considering the whole person, not simply individual systems.

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